[Infographic] When Science Fiction Became Fact: You Won’t Believe What’s on the List!

When Science Fiction became Fact - The Awesome Chronicles

I’ve been a science fiction nut for years: I put it down to my upbringing.

My dad made me watch Aliens when I was 6 and although I was terrified, I loved every minute of it. Ever since then, I was hooked.

Basically, my Dad’s a big geek and it rubbed off on me.

So then maybe you can understand why I find this science fiction Infographic detailing which parts of Science Fiction over the years have become fact so unbelievably awesome.

I mean this is some really profound stuff – the damn thing even predicts Detroit’s poverty for Smeg’s sake!

Check out this awesome infographic:





Astounding, right?

This is why sci-fi is so important folks and why you should all be reading it.