Man on benefits claims immigrants stealing jobs he has no intention of applying.

“I sit in the pub 12 hours or more day watching them,” Gary, a benefits cheat and professional job dodger says. 

He’s drinking half a pint of mild and he’s been nursing it for 5 hours.

“They love it,” he continues. “Coming over here, getting jobs and working their bollocks off. ”

He shakes his and scratches his arse. At the same time.

“They make me sick. I could’ve had that job…if I had any intention of applying for it. Or working. It’s disgusting.”

Gary has never applied for a job in his entire life and is now concerned that if he tries he wouldn’t get a job he feels he deserves.

“They’ll never let me be a bank manager. Ever.” He takes a sip of mild. “I’m far too honest for that game.”